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What is a Hostel?

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What is a Hostel?

Hostelling (hos`tel-ling) v.,   Travelling the world and utilizing the hostel system to gain international understanding. ©

Hostel (hos`tel) n.,   A building providing a place to sleep, clean up, and meet other backpackers, and make friends from around the world. Hostellers must provide all their own services and clean up after themselves while sharing accomodations. ©

Hostels originated as places one could stay at low cost by cleaning up after themselves and exchanging 3-5 minutes of their time to the up-keep of the hostel. During the day while the hostellers are out and about immersing themselves in the local culture, or kicking back in the common areas writing email or letters home, the sleeping areas are closed (but may be accessible with a key.) Late night access is by key. Laundry, kitchen, lockers and computer use is available. Trust is the 'golden rule' among all the hostellers. These customs are still observed worldwide at most hostels, especially small ones.

There are many site on the web for reading about Hostels and Hosteling.
I would start with the great site called:

The Hostel Handbook has a good description about hostels it's also a great guide book.
The Hostel handbook.

Houston International Hostel
5302 Crawford Street
Houston, Texas 77004-6830


Phone: +11 (713) 523-1009
Office Hours: 8-10 AM and 5-11 PM CST.

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